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“Information to StOr, ISU and other stakeholders on crisis funds for international students

UiS is aware that there are two institutions in Norway that have established a crisis fund for
international students who are in a particularly difficult financial situation, as a result of having lost part-time jobs due to the corona crisis in Norway. The scheme applies to students who are admitted as degree students to English taught master’s degrees and who fall outside other support schemes in Norway or in their home country.

The strategic contingency management at UiS discussed the matter on Friday 17. April. It has been decided that UiS will not yet establish a similar financial support scheme. Students who are in a situation that effects their own health, can contact  studenthjelp@uis.no for further follow-up.

The UiS understands that this is a critical situation for the students concerned, though we believe that national schemes must be introduced if state aid is to be granted to various groups of students affected by the crisis. Thus, we appreciate that the government announced in a press release on 15.04.20 that they are now securing compensation to all laid-off workers for 18 days after the end of the payroll period. This means that even those who are not entitled to unemployment benefits, such as Norwegian and international full-time students, will also be able to receive salary compensation. The Ministry of Education and Research (KD) will provide more information on this scheme.

Furthermore, our owner KD have stated that international students in Norway cannot expect special financial support. Norway is one of the few countries in the world that does not require tuition fees for foreign students. At the same time, we demand that all admitted students have money to cover their own expenses during the academic year. Regarding the requirement for documentation of access to funding that applies to foreign students who are required to renew their residence permit, KD is in dialogue with the Ministry of Justice (Norwegian Immigration Authorities). KD’s priority is to look at potential measures for foreign students who are already and are studying in Norway so that
they will have the opportunity to complete the education they have started.

Kind regards,
Astrid Birgitte Eggen
Pro-Rector for Education”


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