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Meet the student: Nigeria meets Norway

I met Samuel Ope Olabode at the student houses at Ugleveien, where he lives. He’s in his second year of his master in biochemistry. He likes the learning system in Norway, and all the hiking opportunities.

Meet the student: Sweden meets USA in Norway

In this issue of «Meet the student» the writers of the column, Anne Marie Haws and Isabelle Kongshaug, have interviewed each other. You probably didn’t know that one of them is Swedish and the other one is American, did you?

Meet the student: Serbia meets Norway

Damnjan grew up in Kruševac, a city with approximately 130,000 inhabitants, located in the middle of Serbia. Eight months ago he moved to Norway for a Master’s Degree at Institute for Music and Dance at Stavanger University.

Meet the Student: Norway Meets Mexico

Gilberto is an outgoing, ambitious and involved individual. He moved to Norway to pursue a Master’s Degree in Offshore Technology in autumn 2014.

MEET THE STUDENT: Indonesia meets Norway

Anissa Sukma Safitri grew up in Garut, Indonesia. She moved to the city Bandung to study Environmental Engineering at Institute Technology Bandung – one of the most popular engineering schools in Indonesia. Later she found work as an engineer in environmental consulting in Jakarta, before moving to Stavanger for a master’s degree.