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New participation record in students election

It was Sosialdemoratisk list who could cheer the loudest at this years election night. 2019s election participation beat the record with the result 18,07...

The think tank: Born this way – Do your genes determine...

Have you ever heard people complaining about how lucky some individuals are for being naturally thin/tall/tanned/you name it? Most people direct this comment with...

The Think Tank: Branding yourself and job hunting

Nowadays, it has become quite normal having a part time job while studying. Now, it has also become a normal situation to find yourself...

Quotidian serendipity: Cheerio, 2016

To me, 2016 has been one of those years in which stupidity reaches its highest records, and nonsense is so popular that it is the new common sense.

Quotidian Serendipity: What is a Latin girl like you doing in...

Despite all, I live in Norway, and I fall in love everyday with its little peculiarities. And because I am a words person, this love extends to the Norwegian language as well. Here are my favourite Norwegian expressions, words and sayings.

Fitness: Real food or food supplements?

Proper Nutrition plays an important role in enhancing fitness and health. As a science, the central focus of nutrition is the study of food requirements for the production of energy, and regulation of bodily processes. “You are what you eat” is a saying that captures the critical contribution of nutrition to our health and wellbeing.

Quotidian Serendipity: Take back your time

A month vacation in my original country, Spain, has left me relaxed and, I must confess, with a little bit of jet lag. And I say this because, let’s face it, Spain is on the same time as Norway, but Spanish habits and Norwegian habits are far from synchronized.

Quotidian Serendipity: Dance, you fools!

Not too long ago, I moved to a new apartment, and while exploring the objects that the owner left behind for me and my roomie, I saw it: an almost old-fashioned machine, obsolete, but beautiful. A radio.

Fitness: Brace for Coregasm … It’s real!

How we train our abdominal muscles vary based on what you need to achieve by the end of the day. Surprisingly enough is the number of exercises available, but the fact remains very simple especially in all those abdominal or core muscle, since it comes with bracing and holding of the muscles involved.

Meet the student: Sweden meets USA in Norway

In this issue of «Meet the student» the writers of the column, Anne Marie Haws and Isabelle Kongshaug, have interviewed each other. You probably didn’t know that one of them is Swedish and the other one is American, did you?

Beergasm: Is beer the new wine?

What kind of beer shall you have to pair with food? There is no definite answer, but this is an attempt to give you some guidelines on what to think about.

Fitness: It’s Summer season again, who is fat?

Summer season brings out the best of us all and majority of us would like to engage in physical activities, but starting with a full marathon isn’t a wise choice for your summer fitness plan.

Quotidian Serendipity: Zap into the Summer

Every year, summer does not seem to arrive fast enough. Yet again, every year I find myself making a mess of my wardrobe, trying to find my summer clothes –aka anything with bright colours or loose enough to provide my body with a much-needed circulation of fresh air.

Fitness: Are fit people happier?

The fitness column is written by personal trainer, Idris Aura. Love it or hate it, making regular exercise a habit is known to promote optimal...

Beergasm: Brown Ales – so much more than Brown!

Hops are in fashion and sours are hipsters, and compared to these bold and overwhelming flavours, many people forget Brown Ales. But they are missing out, because Brown Ales can be just as innovative, tasty and complex.

Quotidian serendipity: Getting ready for the real world

The end of the semester is approaching vertiginously. For some, this means just few more weeks until summer vacation. For others, it marks the end of our time at the University. Either way, finishing this semester is getting us closer to go from student to job seeker.