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Beergasm: Is beer the new wine?

What kind of beer shall you have to pair with food? There is no definite answer, but this is an attempt to give you some guidelines on what to think about.

Beergasm: Brown Ales – so much more than Brown!

Hops are in fashion and sours are hipsters, and compared to these bold and overwhelming flavours, many people forget Brown Ales. But they are missing out, because Brown Ales can be just as innovative, tasty and complex.

BEERGASM: Hops and IPAs (American, F*** Yea!)

With its bold unapologetic flavors, the IPA is an ale people tend to either love or hate

BEERGASM: Alcohol-Free Beer

With lent upon us and many of us failing to keep up with our new year’s resolutions, non-Alcoholic beer may be just the thing to keep our cravings sedated and maintain our promises to abstain from alcohol when we need to study the day after.