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Quotidian serendipity: Cheerio, 2016

To me, 2016 has been one of those years in which stupidity reaches its highest records, and nonsense is so popular that it is the new common sense.

Serendipity: What is a Latin girl like you doing in a...

Welcome to part II on why a Latin girl would move to Norway. If part I of this article was about things Norwegian say and which I find charming, part II is about those Norwegian habits I cannot help but be fascinated about.

Quotidian Serendipity: Take back your time

A month vacation in my original country, Spain, has left me relaxed and, I must confess, with a little bit of jet lag. And I say this because, let’s face it, Spain is on the same time as Norway, but Spanish habits and Norwegian habits are far from synchronized.

Quotidian Serendipity: Zap into the Summer

Every year, summer does not seem to arrive fast enough. Yet again, every year I find myself making a mess of my wardrobe, trying to find my summer clothes –aka anything with bright colours or loose enough to provide my body with a much-needed circulation of fresh air.

Quotidian serendipity: Getting ready for the real world

The end of the semester is approaching vertiginously. For some, this means just few more weeks until summer vacation. For others, it marks the end of our time at the University. Either way, finishing this semester is getting us closer to go from student to job seeker.

Quotidian Serendipity: I’m not a procrastinator – I have the...

It is a weekday, and I start the day turning on my computer. First, I consider doing some work for my thesis, so I open a Word document. Some minutes pass, and the blank page stares at me with cruel intensity.

QUOTIDIAN SERENDIPITY: The Big Bang Theory and the Comfort Zone Paradigm

SmiS' columnist, Aneley, gives experts’ tips about how to embrace your self-spontaneous chaos lover.