STUDENT ELECTION: Get to know the lists


Monday marked the start for election period for school-politics at the University of Stavanger (UiS). Who is running for elections? What will the Lists do for the students? What separates the lists?

This year five lists are running. The goal is to get the highest number of voters, so the lists can get the most possible representants in the Student parliament. To this date, all lists but the Sosialdemokratisk List, are represented in the student parliament. The number of representants the Lists have in parliament is important for future votings, after all, one wants the greatest possible impact for various decisions. 

Who can I vote for? 

  • EnvironmentaList 
  • LiberalModerat Liste 
  • Teknat-Liste
  • International Students Union-List 
  • Sosialdemokratisk Liste 

Top three


  1. Mental health 
  2. Environment 
  3. Including environment for students 

LiberalModerat Liste: 

  1. Mental health 
  2. Improving Tappetårnet (the student bar on campus)
  3. Easier campus life

Sosialdemokratisk Liste: 

  1. Mental health 
  2. Improving internships
  3. Academic freedom


  1. Improving internships
  2. Facilitate electronic exams 
  3. Practical campus life

International Students Union-List:

  1. Career center
  2. Integration center
  3. Improving the public transportation 

During the election last year 10,91% voted. 12.000 students students life was decided by about 1000 students who voted. This year StOr and the lists, are hoping for a bigger number of votes. 

It can be difficult to understand why this is so important. It can be argued that the average student gets to little information prior to the election. As a result of the lack of information, students might mistake the the student parliament as the student councils. This could not be further from the truth.

The student parliament consists of highly engaged, political people who have a desire to make a difference for the students. Students for students. Today we take updates on Canvas for granted and expect an electronic footstep for the easiest possibly overview. Places to read, lightning, and available power sockets has not always been available or easy access. The digitalization is a result of the parliament. Universal design, which makes the campus-area available for everyone, is also partly a result of the student parliament. Pre-made curriculum books in bulk with discount – also a result of the student parliament. 

It is the little changes over time that makes the bigger differences. These changes is up to you to change, you have the ability to do that. You can make sure your student life gets better during your time studying here, and of course you can have an impact on the welfare of all future students.  

In the name of knowledge and improvement SmiS invited each list to an interview. Under, you can get to know each of these lists (Norwegian only). Teknat-List and International Students Union-List did not reply. 

The election lasts from the 21st to 31st of october, and you can vote at 

Get to know ISU (English)

Get to know Environmentalist (Norwegian)

Get to know Liberalmoderat Liste (Norwegian)

Get to know Sosialdemokratisk liste (Norwegian)

(Translated by Astri Sjursen)


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