Solidary Concert for Nepal in Stavanger


Saturday 29th of October 2016, a concert will be celebrated in Stavangeren. Among other artists, Mari Boine, Bohem, Samsaya, Bob Hansson, Vidar Schanche and Eva Bjerga Haugen will participate. But this is not any other concert, nor any other Saturday night. This is an event that will have an impact in the lives of real people who have lost pretty much everything.

Text: Aneley Lampugnani. Photo: Rebuild

Incalculable loss
As Jimmy Hendrix once said, «if there is something to be changed in the world, then it can only happen through music». With this premise, funds raised by this concert will be used to help finishing the construction of the Shree Gyanjyoti school, in Nepal. The school is located in Muchock region, which was heavily affected by an earthquake on April 2015. This disaster left 9000 mortal victims, 22000 injured, and entire villages and ancient temples in ruins. The damage made by the earthquake caused «incalculable loss», in words of Nepali Times editor Kunda Dixi.
«The morning after the earthquake, we immediately got pictures from the village and the message: 55 houses, all toilets, the school, the main road and the electricity; all has been destroyed». That is how Leila Hafzi, fashion designer, remembers hearing about the disaster from their Nepali close friends, who lived only 3,5 hours walk from the earthquake epicentre.

Rebuild Nepal
After the disaster, three Norwegian fashion brands joined forces to help the people affected by the earthquake, creating an organization called Rebuild Nepal. The organization started collaborating with the local population of Muchock, a village located 13 kilometer from the earthquake epicentre, where 55 families live. The villagers «learned to cooperate and help each other», says Hafzi, who points out how the population wanted to be personally included in the process of rebuilding the village. Their energy and commitment combined with external help was key to avoid -or at least reduce- possible damages if a natural disaster strikes again. «Another earthquake will for sure hit the region again in 50 to 100 years; so we want to make sure the buildings we help constructing will be safe in such situation», remarks Hafzi.

Proof of this success of joined forces between the affected population and Rebuild Nepal is the construction of the school Shree Gyanjyoti, for which the organization has arranged the above mentioned concert, in addition to a second hand clothes market. The latter will take place the same day, Saturday 29th October, at 16.00 at Hermetikken, and entrance is free. «This particular funding is for the kids, their own future and the villages’ future. Education is important», remarks Hafzi.

Do you want to get involved?
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– Assist to the second hand clothes market


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