Quotidian Serendipity: Zap into the Summer


Every year, summer does not seem to arrive fast enough. Yet again, every year I find myself making a mess of my wardrobe, trying to find my summer clothes –aka anything with bright colours or loose enough to provide my body with a much-needed circulation of fresh air.

Every year without exception, you probably also find yourself facing that wardrobe full of coats, scarfs, high boots and gloves, knowing that you need to make a change, and switch to lighter, cooler clothing. In a way, you are actually facing much more than just a closet and its contents; this is a moment of high relevance. And I am not talking about bikini-body complexes or fashion that was oh-so-cool last year but it is awfully outdated this season. I am talking of the switching of wardrobe as a ritual; as a habit with full of meaning and connotations. That long flowy skirt or that Hawaiian shirt in the back of the closet are not only pieces of clothing: they are the symbol of an opportunity that only comes once every year.

«I am talking about having the summer you want, here; not receiving a letter from Hogwarts (which, even though unlikely, could still happen – do not lose hope)»

Furthermore, to me, the summer and the rest of the year are like two different realities: there is ordinary life, and there is summer-possible. Summer has an overwhelming power over my imagination. To explain it graphically, there is this scene in «500 days of Summer», with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt: the screen is divided in two; one side showing the main characters’ expectations, the other, the actual reality. To the left, a romantic evening at a party with his crush; to the right, his crush walking around and talking to everybody except him. The same happens at this time of the year in my head. The left side of my screen broadcasts an adventurous, really warm, really glamourous and chilled time in an exotic paradise. There, I wear my bikini all day, every day, while I drive a water scooter and have mojitos at the beach. The right side, on the other hand, shows my day to day life; a quite ordinary set of working and library days put one after the other.

Some might think that my expectations of what summer has to offer are a little too high; and indeed, many times the summer side of my screen has brought me more disappointments than joy. I expect so much of the summer, that sometimes even a good one falls short next to my initial expectations. Therefore, it is understandable that some invite me to take it down a notch. However, I am talking about having the summer you want, here; not receiving a letter from Hogwarts (which, even though unlikely, could still happen – do not lose hope).

What I am trying to say is that maybe is ok to be realistic on your academic life, and surely it is necessary to be down to earth when it comes to your career choices. Nevertheless, now, for at least a couple of months, you have the chance to be unrealistic and step out of the right side of your screen where nothing ever happens. Summer is coming as so are the chances to live in the left side of the screen. Go for the things that make you feel alive, grab the Summer with both hands and make it whatever you want it to be. You do not need to travel far away. You do not have to drink mojitos all day. But make god damn sure you live the summer you dream of. You deserve it. Even if it is for the sake of change, make a little bit of zapping in the screen of your life. Have a good one!

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