Quotidian Serendipity: I’m not a procrastinator – I have the Spring fever



It is a weekday, and I start the day turning on my computer. First, I consider doing some work for my thesis, so I open a Word document. Some minutes pass, and the blank page stares at me with cruel intensity. Considering my lack of inspiration, I decide that I should better just chill a little bit, and open my Internet browser instead.

Somehow, I end up in a page where you can take free quizzes. I click on «How impatient are you?», and after the first question, I decide I do not want to go through all of them (I know what the results are going to say, anyway). Then, I start reading the news, and I see an add on the side about some food offers in my local supermarket. Suddenly, I am immerse in my thoughts of what to make for dinner tonight, and start my grocery-shopping list. I search for «Healthy recipes», because summer is coming, and I am trying to be healthy so that I will look good in my bikini.

In addition, I want to look stunning for a wedding I am attending in the fall. My thoughts then linger towards what dress I should wear to it, so I open another window in my screen, and start browsing for outfit inspirations. After three hours of Google nonsense and mental immersion in the most random, fast-pace trains of thought, that I realise something is going on. What is happening to my concentration capabilities?

At some point, I look at the clock, then outside the window. The sun is shining so bright it does not even feel like I am in Norway. I really want to be outside. My Snapchat story is full of videos and pictures of people standing outside in the sun, smiling just as if they had won the lottery. And then, I realise that after all, this is the month of March. Moreover, it is Spring.

«Saying «Sorry, I had so much energy that I decided to train three hours a day and take a drawing course instead of meeting my academic goals for the week» may not work as well as «There is pollen everywhere. I cannot breath»»

What is funny about this season is that it transforms the world in a battlefield of sickness; it confronts those with Spring allergies and those with exaggerated amounts of energy. The first ones hate the season. The second ones, we love it (but not all the time). I cannot speak on behalf of people with allergies, since fortunately I have none, but let me tell you that Spring fever (that feeling of restlessness and excessive excitement some people feel during the season) can be even worse for those who suffer from it.

Firstly, science shows that those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder are more likely to be affected by the so-called Spring fever. This means that they hit low points of energy during the winter, and then, find themselves full of energy in the Spring. In other words, life becomes quite a roller coaster of emotions between the two seasons. Secondly, having extra energy is great, but it might also affect your concentration (see my anecdotic story about my absolute lack of focus these days). Thirdly, you can perceive allergies, but Spring fever is much more subtle. Which means that you cannot use it as an excuse for not getting things done. Or, maybe you can. But saying «Sorry, I had so much energy that I decided to train three hours a day and take a drawing course instead of meeting my academic goals for the week» may not work as well as «There is pollen everywhere. I cannot breath».

With all, if you find yourself browsing the internet for hours when you are supposed to be doing something productive, don’t blame it on yourself. It is not procrastination; is the Spring fever. Unfortunately, there is no medicine for it, so my advice is to let it flow through your veins until you become immune… or until the season changes again.

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