New participation record in students election

SEIERSGLIS: John Benjamin Lomeland kan smile etter å ha vunnet valget.

It was Sosialdemoratisk list who could cheer the loudest at this years election night. 2019s election participation beat the record with the result 18,07 percent.

After a slight delay, StOrs Mahnoor Raja announce the winners of the student election, as well as the new participation record that beat 2017s 17,5 percent. 

With 683 votes there was a big comeback for Sosialdemokratisk list, who did not participate in last years elcetions. They get six of the nineteen seats in the student parliament. 

It was the lists third candidate John Benjamin Lomeland who ended up top for the Sosialdemokratisk list. He had a hard time realizing the victory.

– I dont have words, I am so incredibly proud on behalf of the whole list, he told SmiS. 

He also remembers to highlight the efforts of the whole list, and thanks the candidates for all that they did. 

– They have been on stand, baked cake, and really improved our presence at campus, Lomeland says.

BIG EFFORT: StOr has done alot to improve voters participation this year, including the use of banners.

New record

In total 2128 students voted in this years election, a rise of seven percent from last year. The social democat Lomeland also thanks StOr for their efforts to improve voters participation in advance of this years election week. 

– Big shoutout to Mahnoor Raja, Mikael Johnsen and Joachim Børlie of StOr. They have really given it all, Lomeland told us. 

The leader of StOr, Joachim Børlie, is also proud of their efforts. He speaks especially high of Mahnoor Raja, vice president of education in StOr.  

– Without the incredible efforts she has laid down since we began planning, it would never have gone this well, Børlie says.

At the same time, he recognize that there is still ways to go.

– Even though 18,07  percent is low, I think this is a step in the right direction. The goal is of course that StOr can keep building on the good work we did now, in the years to come, Børlie ends with. 

The representatives

The remaining seats in parliament are distributed among Liberalmoderat list (4), Teknat-list (4), Environmentalist (3) and ISU (2).

Their seats will be filled with the following representatives:

Sosialdemokratisk list:

  1. John Benjamin Lomeland
  2. Lawrence Dean Mulbah
  3. Luke Ibrahim Nieber
  4. Amalie Skaiå Larsen
  5. Hamse Yusuf Abdi Awale
  6. Shahzib Shaban

Liberalmoderat list:

  1. Emilie Christensen
  2. Else Karin Bjørheim
  3. Eira Aas Eide
  4. Simen Hagen Ekeberg


  1. Winusan Wijayaseelan
  2. Kine Hagen
  3. Andreas Sveen
  4. Kenneth Le


  1. Jasmin Alimari
  2. Truls Lunde
  3. Gunnar Kallevik Halvorsen


  1. John-Sigvard Njau
  2. Hans Alberto Herrera Navarro


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