Meet the student: Entrepreneur on the rise


We met the aspiring business student, Adeel Haneef, at campus. He is a young entrepreneur.

Unlike Norway, Pakistan does not offer free education. That was the first thing that triggered Haneef to end his education there. The University of Stavanger offers a great business program, and that made his decision easier.

– My ultimate goal is to create something for my own.

His program is business and administration, but has an emphasis on entrepreneurship. He is currently working on a joint venture with a friend, where they are selling salomon to the Pakistani market. Haneef is just getting started, and tells me about the numerous ideas he has for the future.


Pakistan VS Norway

Moving from Pakistan to Norway to finish your degree is definitely a big deal.

– The education has a different approach than I am used to, but I like it here, he tells us.

The competition is really tough in Pakistan, and not everyone is lucky enough to get admitted to a school.

His city of origin is the second largest in Pakistan, Lahore. Everything in Norway is really small in comparison.

– In four months you will have above 40 degrees, he said, which is a substantial difference between Norway.

He has one and a half years left of his education, and so far he even favors Norway over Pakistan.


Future prospects

– I want to maintain my own service company, and maybe develop a service for the university.

As I ask him to elaborate the plans for the university, he tells me that in order to make the life more convenient for students, he wants to launch a streaming service where you can watch your lectures online. He would like to work on this with the university in order to make it happen.

Look out for Adeel Haneef in the years to come.




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