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“The International Students’ Union has received today your communication regarding the subject stated in the reference. We understand that it will be very difficult to provide any kind of support for students if there is no further backing from the National Government. As we have expressed in our social media platforms, we are aware of a general intention to help vulnerable student communities throughout the country, and assistance has been provided until some extension.

As all institutions have different financial schemes, there are also many ways to help students. In the survey ISU Stavanger held in previous weeks, most students present financial struggles as a result of layoffs from part-time jobs. That struggle leads to students being stressed, worried and uncertain about continuing or finishing their studies. In almost all cases, rent is the principal obligation to be paid by the community.

Last week, Velferdstinget i Stavanger (VT) formally requested (SiS Bolig) for a discount in the rent for students during the crisis, same as ISU did through to the Student Parliament. We still believe this request is more viable than the one presented by UiB or OsloMet.

By all means, we celebrated the announcement of Salary Compensation announced by the government although in most cases, this compensation will not cover the living expenses for the time students need to continue/finish their degree. ISU Stavanger would like to encourage the University board to keep working on possible options to make these difficult times a little easier for the entire student community.

The International Students’ Union from the University of Stavanger would like to thank the University of Stavanger for the time and efforts the Alma Mater is spending concerning this matter. The University can count on us as another alternative to help students with further concerns, or as consultants for international students’ matters.

Best regards,

The International Students’ Union – ISU
University of Stavanger


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