In order to be creative – you must create!


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Text: Niels Forsberg, Comedian aka Creator

Hello! My name is Niels, and I am a comedian. That means that I make a living of producing creativity on a regular basis. Writing standup material, funny Facebook- updates (my Facebook- updates are very funny!) and even this article is all part of my job, and my fans expect me to keep producing.

That’s the biggest difference between comedy and the music industry. When Red Hot Chili Peppers go on stage, people still want to hear «Californication», «Scar Tissue» and «Around the World» even though that album was released way back in 1999 (yes, we are that old).

When I return to the The Comedy Box Festival 2016, the audience expects me to stand there with a brand new set with brand new jokes. All of which have to be at least as good (and preferably better) than my last set!

That is both the curse and the blessing of being a comedian. I can never lean back and rest on my laurels, even though I would much rather spend my time in front of my Playstation than in front of my typewriter (it’s actually a PC, but you catch my drift). But that also means that I will never stagnate and stop my progression towards being an even better comedian.

And that is the point, I would like you intelligent readers to realize; if you ever find yourself heading in to a creative process, whether you are a comedian, a writer, a poet, an architect, a carpenter or a jazz-pianist, at some point you will need to actually create something!

See, there is a specific group of people in this world who consider themselves to be very, very creative. They will wear too much makeup or too much jewelry. They will draw a lot of attention to themselves and they will have a completely unrealistic view of their abilities and talk loudly about their special brains and their creative plans.

«Oh my god I am just so creative like… It’s like I have this brain that just keeps popping up with these weird ideas about costumes I could make, and fun theme-parties, that I could arrange for my friends and family, and all these beautiful pictures, that I wanna paint with cool colors and stuff. Oh, and I would totally like to make a musical and write the songs and write the music because I am just so creative! Of course I never get around to doing this, simply because I have way too much creativity inside of me. Oh my god… I am just SO creative…»

That is not creativity. That is another character-trait called laziness.

You see, creativity is not a special skill. Each and every one of us has the ability to be creative just from owning a human brain. Each time you meet a new person, for instance, you must take all the words you know and put them together in a new fashion, including this new random factor of a new individual, in order to have a conversation with your new friend, and BOOM – you have now been creative!

But in order to be creative, you have to actually create! A writer has to write, a comedian has to joke and an architect has to architize (I have no idea what architects actually do, something, something, LEGO). All the others who only have the creative thoughts, without actually producing some of that creativity, are simply lazy. They are lazy because it is always way more funny to exist in the playful, creative frame of mind, where we don’t have to worry about stuff like taxes, dish washing and our family.

So here is my advice to you. Stop thinking about it, and start actually doing it! And the next time you meet one of the uniquely gifted and specially creative persons, ask them what they have actually created lately. Apart from a debt to the bank, a false sense of superiority and a severely irritating personality.


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