Fitness: Why getting fat is no longer a bad luck


The festive season is here and it’s a wonderful time to meet long-time friends, have family meals and attend Christmas gourmet dinners, and end of the year parties that come with a lot of senseless feasting all in the name of saying that «I will lose weight ‘or stay in shape in January».

Now, we don’t get fitter or fatter in a week, and so slowing down ones’ metabolism and eating anything on your way won’t help in the long run. Learning how to eat healthy and consume enough potions with some good wine or some fermented beer won’t harm you, but who does that?

This time of the year most people pile on unwanted body weight due to excessive eating and drinking of alcoholic beverages. Hence the population remains fat and unhealthy just to blame it on family genes. It’s easy to hear ridiculous reasoning like «even my grand dad was big boned and fat too, so it’s in the family». The foods we are eating are meant to fuel us, but when we don’t move physically and utilise the energy, then what’s more to expect apart from getting fat. Physical activities should be encouraged all throughout the year, not to stop in December to resume later.When you feel like it. Including simple cardiovascular exercises can be the only thing you need. Everyone seems to understand it, but this won’t stop me from over preaching the facts. Some of the health benefits of physical activities can include do or die conditions that seems to be highly nurtured during this festive times.

Below are common, but life threatening, food related conditions that can be avoided.
• High Cholesterol.
• Heart diseases.
• Depression.
• Skeletal diseases.
• Hypertension.
• Obesity.
• Diabetes.
• Gallbladder

Being physically active on a regular basis, no matter what season it is, helps maintain a healthy body composition by using excess calories. It also prevents the addition of undesirable weight, thus reducing susceptibility to a wide range of diseases. The value of physical activity is not limited only to the body it also contributes to sound mental health.

I’m not telling you that if you over eat and grow fat you will die, but engaging in proper healthy habits is a choice and should be a personal priority. Individuals who exercise regularly are likely to engage in other positive forms of health promoting behaviour, because they don’t want to negate the benefits accrued from exercise.

Regular and appropriate physical activity has many benefits not worth mentioning now. However, to realize these benefits a person must be active all year round. To function properly and at high level, the human organism needs exercise as an essential ingredient on a regular basis, just as it demands proper nutrition food every day. Winter is not a ticket to slow moving the body.

Have a cosy, fatless winter!

Idris Aura, Fitness-spalten.The fitness column is written by personal trainer, Idris Aura.


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