Fitness: Training Varieties and Comfort Zone


We are in an age where science fiction has become a reality. People are working offshore in the middle of the swelling deep oceans, and I recently heard a successful human head transplant has been done now in Russia. But we can’t lose weight, keep fit and lead a healthy life. Why?

Now, for some reasons everything seems so complicated, and we seem not to understand how exercising can be fun, productive and effective at the same time. I have selected different basic exercises that deliver highly, if performed correctly, and have numerous variations to progress on. I believe the following carries a massive boost to anyone’s training no matter the fitness level of a participant, hence the below will always count.

The burpee is a full-body exercise that requires strength, mobility and coordination and can enhance overall performance and fitness. While the burpee can be of benefit, it can just as quickly cause issues if it’s executed incorrectly. When performed with proper technique, the burpee can be utilized anywhere and has many variations that will lead to define your core, thighs and upper body with no doubt.

This kettle-looking ancient gym tool has been in the gym for a long time, but few give it the deserved attention, since most of the moves are not that trendy. If you learn how to do these two moves, nothing goes to waste.
A. Kettle bell swing.
B. Kettlebell Goblet squat.

Suspension training is not new anymore, and most training facilities do have the yellow and black straps that are incredibly handy and simple. This is the best you can land on, and the reason you should spend time doing the mentioned moves below.
A. TRX High/Low row.
B. TRX Body Saw.
C. TRX Chest Press.

This selected series of simple jumps incorporate the muscles involved to maximize force in the shortest time possible, with the aim of improving power.
A. Box jumps.
B. Squat jumps.
C. Speed skaters.

Medicine Ball
Sounds like something found by the local drug store, but this heavy ball is designed to endure a lot and slamming against the floor, or the wall. This is probably what you need to do for abdominal muscles.
A. Woodchop Throw.
B. Two arm medicine ball slam.
This cylindrical shaped weighted bag is easy to handle, and is the best to use behind the neck, since it does not exert pressure on the upper spine area and you reap more on the below exercises.
A. Walking Lunges.
B. Sandbag spin.

Skipping Rope
Last time you did skipping rope will tell you if simplicity is part of your training routine. Your cardiovascular system and joints might benefit more in a ten-minute session, than you being on that fancy treadmill. Trying to incorporate the usage of this movements into your exercise routine will definitely enhance the intensity, and quality, of the workout the body deserves for positive outcome.

Lastly, rowing as a form of cardio conditioning if performed for a period of time. It outruns other forms of gym machines, by far, in terms of efficiency and functionality. Rowing works on both your upper and lower body at the same time, with minimum shock on your joints. Also it revs up the cardiovascular system which encourages and impacts weight loss, plus strength levels directly. Going by how much you should do, relies heavily on different elements like the once below.
A. Training phase.
B. Goals.
C. Age.
D. Work capacity.
E. Recoverability.
F. Nutritional intake.
E. Injury history.

For an individual to achieve optimal results of a proper training frequency and duration, he or she should be aligned to the above also.

Have a test drive day!

Idris Aura, Fitness-spalten.The fitness column is written by personal trainer, Idris Aura.



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