Fitness: Real food or food supplements?



Everyone should aim to eat a healthy, balanced diet, whatever their activity level is. This will provide you with all the nutrients you need. Proper Nutrition plays an important role in enhancing fitness and health. As a science, the central focus of nutrition is the study of food requirements for the production of energy, and regulation of bodily processes. “You are what you eat” is a saying that captures the critical contribution of nutrition to our health and wellbeing.

But now the question is: How far can you reach with only real known food, and still be able to produce optimal performance in training or sports in general? Food supplements markets is a multimillion industry, and it comes with business players who are keen to make a profit at the expense of the ignorant population unsuspectedly.

We all seem to know what to eat, how much or how frequent, but look and feel like we don’t know, at the same time. The amount of information is puzzling and confusing to say the least.

Few people I have met on the gym floor have proved that they understand the effect and right reasons to the over the counter food supplements. If it’s not consumed in a controlled manner, and well advised by either nutritionists or qualified dietician, the outcome can be severe or catastrophic.

Medical reactions or toxicity that can come with food supplements is a common and untold story. This probably contributes to a lack of progress in terms of performance, lethargy or both. This is simply because of poor understanding of basic nutrition and keen belief in your food supplement vendor.

Below are the common food supplements that can be lethal in both short term, and long term usage:                    

  1. Lose weight pills
  2. Meal replacement powders/solutions
  3. Recovery enhancers
  4. Whey proteins powders
  5. B.C.A.A (branched chain amino acids)
  6. Pre workout solutions
  7. Amino Acids
  8. Multi Vitamins combines with rare oxides.
  9. Herbal adaptogens

The list is never ending, but again, how much of this food supplements do you need? And was your doctor involved in giving professional warning prior to purchasing your favourite food supplement? Majority of all self-prescribed food supplement users are mostly ill advised fitness or health conscious individuals armed with google information. Stop guessing and playing dangerous games with your food supplements!

The route to fitness and health is a slow one, and no amount of over the counter wonder pill and powders can speed up the process. So, involving right professional advice in every step you take with your food intake, might be the keystone to your health and fitness quest. After all, it’s your health and body.

Have a decisive day!

Idris Aura, Fitness-spalten.The fitness column is written by personal trainer, Idris Aura.



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