Fitness: Brace for Coregasm … It’s real!


How we train our abdominal muscles vary based on what you need to achieve by the end of the day. Surprisingly enough is the number of exercises available, but the fact remains very simple especially in all those abdominal or core muscle, since it comes with bracing and holding of the muscles involved.

Now with hard bracing and tightening of the abdominal muscles one untold phenomenon is bound to happen and its termed as exercise-induced orgasms (coregasm). Believe it or not, exercise-induced-orgasm (EIO) or exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP) has actually been recognized in scientific literature for more than sixty years. In 1953, Alfred Kinsey wrote in «Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female» that five percent of the women he studied claimed to experience orgasm during exercise, rather than exclusively during sexual activity. However, the mechanism of how exactly the coregasm works is not yet totally understood.

In 2011, researchers from Indiana University surveyed 530 women online. 246 of the participants reported experiencing EISP, and 124 reported experiencing an EIO from such activities as cycling, rope climbing, yoga, weight lifting, and running. Leg pullups on a contraption sexily called “The Captain’s Chair” were the most commonly reported exercises to induce a coregasm. This contraption is basically a chair with no seat, in which you hold on to armrests while pressing your torso against the back of the chair, allowing you to engage your abdominal muscles while you either lift your knees to your chest, or keep your legs straight and raise them to a 90-degree angle.

So, how do you train your core muscles in a more effective manner? In any core strength training it involves more dynamic eccentric and concentric movements of spine throughout a full range of motion.

Core exercises
1. Basic plank
2. Captains chair (leg raises in the suspended chair)
3. Ball crunch
4. Back extensions
5. Cable rotations and pallofs.
6. Reverse Crunch
7. Floor prone cobra

The musculature of the core is divided into two categories: Stabilization and movement systems. The Stabilization phase is primarily responsible for stability of the lumbo-pelvic – hip complex, and while movement phase is responsible for force production and training should begin from the inside (Stabilization system) to outside (movement system).

Let’s leave alone this science thing, so next time you hear someone who looks like they are mourning in pleasure then it’s a coregasm. It’s not necessarily a sexual event.
Mechanics of the coregasm are still to be satisfactorily confirmed, and this is an open end research issue. But I won’t mind if you give this a try instead of playing Pokemon GO, since no one is yet to report same effect.


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