Fifty shades of fitness questions


Idris Aura, Fitness-spalten.

The fitness column is written by personal trainer, Idris Aura.

Sex or anything sexual is kind of a taboo topic that some tend to tuck under their bed and forget about. That was until the «Fifty Shades of Grey»-brand mushroomed to be a guidebook in many ways. Recently I’ve experienced the bestselling novel, followed by the blockbuster movie, branded teabags, umbrellas and even a «Fifty Shades of Grey»-shampoo and shower gel, so I thought to myself: Why not come up with «Fifty Shades of Fitness» as a patented brand? This didn’t happen, but I’ve got some questions below you can think about.

Are fit people better off when it comes to sexual performance and satisfaction? Or is this perception just part of the galaxy of myths?

Scientifically proven rules of attraction suggest that men in the kingdom of Fifty Shades prefer women with smaller waists compared to their hip ratio. And if they miss their target, they settle to the majority (mainstream) whom are blessed with big bottoms. Is this true?

  1. Is it wrong to suggest that the more fitter you become the more likely you will experience a more fulfilling sexual life? Don’t get me wrong, since opinions expressed here are not backed by any government scientists. I mean no offense to the parts of my group of friends who enjoy their rich puddings.
  2. What is described as «sexy» varies from culture to culture, and fitness clothing lines are now in hot competition with top lingerie brands. I can’t find any reasons why «see-through» training pants are attractive and comfortable to work out in. Or am I wrong?
  3. Fitness have for decades been surrounded by a bunch of ego driven and self-conscious individuals, from participants to trainers. Hence, if you appear «legit strong», fit and healthy, then you are a bimbo and egocentric? Is intelligence really linked to fitness of the body?
  4. Every man tends to believe that they’re good in bed, even those who the devil will reject and chase away for being underperformers, this most probably due to a variety of reasons, which could include lack of stamina and bad cardio-conditioning being number one on the list. But, is fitness really linked to fertility?
  5. Does shaking a lot of powder protein, sniffing African rhinohorn-powder or popping weight loss pills in tons for making you lose weight rapidly, hence revealing your «inner self», enhance your sexual prowess?
  6. Is being sexy something which is inborn? Does genetics have a huge say to whether you belong in this category, or can this be achieved in the gym through exercise and Atkins-diets?
  7. Is being a «big ass» bodybuilder or a «die hard» cross-fitter a good and healthy thing? Or should we all strictly follow W.H.O standards when it comes to BMI, waist ratio circumference and body fat percentage applications? Or does your six pack or one pack create an illusion, making you think that you’re fit? It’s never too late, and you can still turn around a bad situation by starting a fitness routine that is formulated by a fitness trainer to suit your real needs. Avoid internet shops for fitness advice.
  8. I don’t have hand cuffs, whips and other Fifty Shades paraphernalia, which I thought I needed for ashtanga yoga to practice power breathing and flexibility, but it’s guaranteed that I will «bond» with yoga. I know it takes time to work on your discipline to dominate, but in the end, I guess my Fifty Shades of bend-ability will improve. On the other hand, will it really?

Have a flexible day!


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