Exchange for exchange students


Spire, the people behind Byttebua, wants to reach the exchange students of Stavanger. Today Byttebua opened for the first time, and will be open every Tuesday between 12.00 and 14.00. It is open for all students and emplyees.

– Our wish is that Byttebua will be a widely known addition at the university. This will be a free and good alternative to buying new things, says leader of Spire Stavanger, Ellen Amalie Matre Simensen.


Students and employees will be able to pick up everything from clothing to kitchen utensils and curriculum books in Byttebua. Aleksandra Szwedo is from Poland and has lived in Stavanger for four years. She started as an Erasmus-student, but ended up taking her second master here. 

– Of course I think this is a great addition. I really wish it was in place earlier when I was here on temporary exchange. It is a good alternative for us who is here for a short period and need things. It is extremely expensive to buy everything new, she says.


Masterstudent Aleksandra Szwedo finds curriculum books in Byttebua. Photo: Andrea Danielsen Johansen

Uncertain future

You can find Byttebua in Paviljong 9 at Campus Ullandhaug. Roy Sokn Adsen is department manager in department for building and land management 8ABA). The building is owned by Statsbygg and was meant to be removed. Sokn Adsen is pleased the building is used for a good purpose and not left empty. 

– There is great potential here. The goal is to keep the building and to keep the operating expenses low. The plan is to maintain the building for three years, and we will see what happens after that, Adsen explains. 

Second hand exchange new to students

There is no escaping the fact that students have little extra to spend. Byttebua will make students everyday life greener and cheaper. Daniel Neckarski is one of the students who will use the opportunity to both deliver and pick up things he needs. 

– I almost felt rude when I took the drinking glasses without paying. I am not used to take things. At the same time I like that things can be used again, Neckarski says.


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