BEERGASM: Alcohol-Free Beer


Bianca Handley og Lars Gjessing, Beergasm.

“Beergasm” is written by Lars Gjessing and Bianca Handley.

With lent upon us and many of us failing to keep up with our new year’s resolutions, non-Alcoholic beer may be just the thing to keep our cravings sedated and maintain our promises to abstain from alcohol when we need to study the day after.

Non-Alcoholic beer was first made in the United States during prohibition (perhaps the one upside of prohibition), and has continued production since then, with many breweries making a non-alcoholic version of their beer. Non-alcoholic beer isn’t actually alcohol-free, the American requirements is that it contain less than 0, 5 percent alcohol, while in Norway the limit is below 0,7 percent. But one country is more liberal than most others in their definition, Finland with its limit of 2, 8 percent or lower!

There is a couple of ways to make the beer non-alcoholic within the limits. The first options is to brew the beer just as you normally would brew alcoholic beer. After they’ve made the perfect beer for you, they remove the alcohol. The alcohol removal is usually done by heating, as alcohol has a lower boiling point than water and thus will evaporate first. The problem with this is a lot of the volatile organic compounds, the smell of the beer, will also leave quickly when heated, so they have developed a way of capturing this steam and separating the two components in order to put the smell back into the beer. The danger in this is the risk of re-cooking the beer. A way to avoid cooking off the compounds when you really want to boil the alcohol away is to pressurize the beer (vacuum distilling) so the boil temperature required will be lower.

The other option is to brew as usual, but to stop the fermentation early in the process, when it contains the desired alcohol level. The beer is then cooled down quickly before removing the yeast, effectively stopping the beer from fermenting and producing more alcohol.

Recommendations of the month


Bilde 1 - nanny stateBrew Dog – Nanny State
Vinmonopolet: 20.90 Kr (33 cl).
Country: Scotland, UK.
Alcohol content: 0,5 percent ABV.

Pale ale version of alcohol free beer, surprisingly good alternative with lots of nice aromas from the dry hopping with centennial and amarillo.


Bilde 2 - schneiderSchneider Weisse – Tap 3 Alcoholfreies
Vinmonopolet: 29.90 Kr (50 cl)
Country: Germany.
Alcohol content: 0,3 percent ABV.
For those who like a nice light beer with lots of fruity banana notes, such as Erdinger, this is the perfect non-alcoholic beer for you. Note: Erdinger also makes an alcohol-free version of their well-loved beer.


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On all even weeks on Mondays, the home brewing club on campus, «Mesk til Mask» arranges a meeting to learn about and discuss different beer related topics. If you are interested in brewing and want a glimpse of what is going on before taking the step to joining the club, we encourage you to go to one of the hangouts and take a look.

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