8 workout-attitudes you should change 


8 workout-attitudes you should change 

By: Idris Aura Photo: Rolf Rølland Olsen

The year is still new and fitness and health resolutions are still fresh in our minds, so how are you fairing? 

We all have fitness goals but achieving them needs a structured approach. Expect setbacks along the way, and how you deal with them is decisive on the results you should expect in the end, so don’t lie to yourself. No one will have pity with you. The common phrase of “I want” instead of focusing on learning best ways of working out. 

“I want to lose weight as fast as possible”. So, if you want to lose weight, then a short-term goal of learning how to exercise and fixing the root causes of gaining weight should be your priority. Instead ask your personal trainer “what is the process of losing weight, and how can I do that?” 

“I want a program”. That’s a classic failure start, what are you going to do with it? When you can’t do the exercises correctly, try to work with a personal trainer or coach to introduce you to specific routines that will achieve your weight loss in safely and effectively way. 

“I want to be fit”. Fitness cannot be measured but you can measure the components of fitness like speed, endurance, quickness, power, and agility, so if you work on measuring the components that constitute fitness then you will be fit. 

“I used to be fit” well that’s good news, but that is your golden era, so you need to accept the present status and start from somewhere moderate. The rest is time bound, and for sure, you will get there again. 

“I want to tone”. Trust me, nothing is to be toned up after a decade of inactivity and the most crucial step is to tackle how your body will respond again to exercise and change. 

“I used to play ice hockey”. Yes, what a wonderful sport. But if you have been “busy “and not visited the ice rink since 2005, then a lot of changes have occurred in your body and the need to start all over again is the best advice.  

“I’m exercising daily from Monday to Sunday”. This is plain dangerous, and the body won’t respond positively regardless of your efforts in training. Sufficient recovery, proper nutrition and type of training are all important when it comes to progressive injury-free exercise and training. 

“I have been a member of this gym for 4 years”. That’s good club loyalty, and it should not be confused as you don’t need training advice in performance and exercise from your local personal trainer. Asking for advice can prevent you from getting stuck on the same level. 

The writer is a personal trainer.  


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