FITNESS: Overtraining and it’s consequences


Idris Aura, Fitness-spalten.

The fitness column is written by personal trainer, Idris Aura.

Exercise and sportstraining when performed correctly results in improved health and performance. However, when you’re performing excessive amounts of training without proper food intake, rest and recovery, the opposite is achieved. Too much too soon, of both aerobics and anaerobic exercises, can result in certain health risks, such as impaired immune function and even reduced peripheral vascularity.

There may be some harmful side effects, and they might include;
1. decreased performance,
2. fatigue,
3. altered hormonal states (eg. missing menstrual cycles),
4. poor sleeping patterns,
5. mood disturbances,
6. low energy levels/lethargic,
7. stress fractures,
8. reproductive disorders.
9. low bone mineral density,
10. muscle cramps,
11. low sex drive (if it was high).

This condition is rare and it’s developed by excessive or extreme exercise routines, that causes muscle breakdown which again can lead to kidney damage. This is not only for elite runners, footballers or crossfitters – it can happen to anyone taking in too much and more than what your bodys systems can handle. In recent times cases of Rhabdomyolysis, or «Rhabdo», have increased in Stavanger among fitness enthusiasts. Accepting that it takes time to climb the fitness ladder, and that it’s not worth it to take chances with your body, is the key to avoiding this horrible condition.

Training every day with no rest
This is a recipe for trouble, so don’t try to convince yourself that you’re unique. Another recipe for trouble is doing this program on the Internet with a false sense of belief that you can handle more stress than others. Your body needs time to recover and replenish the muscles and organs back to normal for optimal performance.

Soreness and pain
Don’t just push for no good reasons; if it hurts then you have to stop it, and always «listen» to your body. It’s a sign that things aren’t normal. And not to be taken for granted; a little soreness and pain that you can tolerate is fine – soreness that disrupts daily life routines is a clear indicator for you to scale down or face the worst.

Cheating principle
Whatever exercises you are doing should have a prescribed technique, and you shouldn’t be performing for the very sake of finishing or to satisfy your ego. Don’t compromise on form and right technique to get an extra repetition, since that’s a disaster waiting to happen. And it’s even worse if you don’t know that you’re cheating, because that increases the chances of attracting an injury by a high score.

Exercises for spot reduction… Really?
Many who do strengthening exercises in an effort to trim fat from a certain area, like thighs, hips, stomach or arms, have the wrong idea. Although these exercises can help firm muscles, if the targeted area still carries an extra layer of fat, it won’t look much different. You can’t isolate fat loss to one part of the body. So you’ll have to approach it as a whole body, and this is when a structured routine of cardio, weights and nutrition plans kicks in.

No shortcuts to fitness, since every step is earned through hardworking attitude and an open mind to positively learn from different sources. Please have a hard work day!


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