Taps above expectations


Soon Tappetårnet has been open a full calendar year. The manager of the campus bar, Kristoffer Sørstrønen, says the operation has been above all expectations. Now they plan the future.

The manager of Tappetårnet, Kristoffer Sørstrønen (in the middle), is pleased with the bar’s first calendar year in business. Here together with former manager, Magnus Meisal (to the left) and barmanager Lars Magne Laupsa.

By: Stine Serigstad (text) and Ingrid Netteland (photo). Translated by: Bjørn Harald Lye

September 2011 Tappetårnet opened the doors and business for the first time. Students and employees were very happy about that, now the campus «finally» had it’s first student bar. Well over a year has gone by since that happened and the student bar is closing in on their first complete calendar year in operation.

Manager Sørstrønen says that the operation of the student bar has been much better than they first believed for both sales and number of visitors. Tappetårnet can look back on a successful year, and they believe their location on campus is the main reason.

‒ Sales are good because people come here sober. They come straight from school and they have not even been to a pre-party. That is why we sell more units per person than other bars in town, says a satisfied Sørstrønen.

Our sales are good, because people come here sober. They come straight from school and they have not even been to a pre-party.

Good atmosphere
Their closing time is one hour before midnight and that makes Tappetårnet different from allmost any bars and pubs in Stavanger. Sørstrønen believes that their closing hour gives them some advantages, and claims that fights have not yet occurred at the bar. The focus of the student bar is for the students to have a good time together. Previously one had to show identification by the entrance, but now the doorman requires a valid student identification card in order to access the bar.

‒ Our main focus is that there should be students only. The idea is that you will be together with people you go to school with. Suddenly you stand next to someone from your math class in the bar queue, says Sørstrønen, and adds that that is how they accomplished such a good atmosphere and environment in the student bar.

Queue to restrooms
According to Sørstrønen, the feedbacks from students have mainly been positive, but a few challenges have appeared. He says that they have received a few complaints of long queues at the restroom. A major reason to poorly organized restrooms is because while Tappetårnet is a bar, its locations was originally planned as an activity room to StOr.

‒ We were allowed to build a bar, but very little was adapted. The restrooms were designed for simple office use, says Sørstrønen.

A solution is coming up. Due to an error in the pipeline system, the floor will be removed and Tappetårnet will be able to increase the capacity in the restrooms. Hopefully urinals will also be set up.

More changes
Restrooms are not the only thing that will be changed. Tappetårnet has several plans for the bar itself. They will order TV-screens that will be used to show pictures, music videos and other things during events. In addition, they will replace the couches in the cafeteria-area with boxes. In their plans, they also look at a permanent stage solution. The whole student bar will go through a great change, but the plans do not stop here.

‒ We will get together and make four-five big events. We will rent tents and make a maximal use of space. Our aim is to get «full houses» even with more space, says a very committed manager.

All the planned upgrades is something the bar «finally» can afford, but even more dreams will hopefully be realized.

‒ The dream is to expand and get a winter garden on the ouside of the bar. That is a future plan once we have finances ready, says Sørstrønen.


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