Crossing cultures


Buddy 2012-2013 started off with a different type of entertainment in the hall of Kjell Arholms house yesterday evening.

Av: Tora Lind Berg (tekst) & Martin Habbestad (foto/redigering)

Read the norwegian version here.

Pizza, mingling and a trick show in the world elite kicked off this autumn Buddy-program in Kjell Arholms house at Campus yesterday. In six weeks from now international students can participate at social happenings with locals and Norwegian students once a week. Through these happenings international students get to know Stavanger city by the locals, and not only as a university city. Trips to The Norwegian Canning Museum, ice-skiing in Sørmarka, hiking in Dalsnuten and Standup-show during The Humor Festival are some of the activities at the program this fall.
– We try to spread the gatherings in different days, so that hopefully it will suit most people, says Katrine Sivertsen.

She has been a member of the Red Cross resource group since they started up the Buddy program in 2009 together with the university. She tells that yesterdays kick-off way a great success, and soon people started buzzing in the hall of Kjell Arholms house. They got to experience amazing tricks when Charlotte Lade entered the stairs of the amfi. Sivertsen believe the students appreciated the show.
– I think it was a quite impressing achievement that we managed to bring her here from London. She is a world-class football freestyle artist, and performed at the World Cup in South Africa, says Sivertsen.

More Norwegians
Sivertsen says that it is not a problem to get international students to join the program, but they want more Norwegian «buddies».
– The international students often get to know about the program from earlier students, and they are often open for new experiences while they are here. Our experience is that a fifty fifty balance between Norwegian and international students is the best. But we need more Norwegian students and locals, says Sivertsen.

Ingeborg Elin Kvamme is a Norwegian student. She is in her third year of the bachelor in petroleum science, and she signed up for Buddy for the first time this year. She and her friend thought it seemed interesting, and signed up together.
– I hope to make friends from other cultures and countries, which is the reason why I signed up, says Kvamme.

Sivertsen encourages the Norwegian students to join in, and she says that it is not too late for hesitators out there.
– I think the Norwegian student will get just as much out of the program as the international students. It can be very exciting to meet people from other parts of the world, says Sivertsen.

Solomon Kitema from Kenya came to Norway to get a master degree in Computer Science.
– I hope the buddy program will enable me to experience more of Norway and especially Stavanger, as I will be here for two years. I also hope it can be a platform where I can make more friends from Norway and around the world, says Kitema.


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