The StOr-board has been renewed


It is now clear who is going to run the highest body for students at UiS the coming year.

By: Eirik Ravnestad Eikefet (text & photo). Translated by: Bjørn Harald Lye

NEW STOR-BOARD: Behind from the left: responsible of profession and learning environment Daniel Haug Nystad, responsible of faculty Trine Oftedal, juridicial responsible Mads Rosnes, international responsible Mari Sørlie Pettersen, student representatives in the UiS-board; Gunnar Dyrseth and Kathe-Mari Solberg Hansen. Sitting in front Vice President Lasse Heggedal and President Morten Rønne.

At the Student Parliament-meeting on May 13th, the new student board was elected. The new President of the Student Organization (StOr) at the University of Stavanger is Morten Rønne. He is 22 years old and he comes from Sarpsborg. Rønne has a bachelor in human resource management and has experience from the Norwegian Young Conservatives (Unge Høyre) and from the student council of the Conservative Party. In addition to that, he was the Vice President of StOr the previous year. He now takes over the duty from the retiring President, Daniel Haug Nystad.

Dive deeper
In the speech before the election, Rønne emphasized the fact that he has had a fantastic year and a half in StOr (six months in the Student Parliament and one year as Vice President in StOr), and now he wants to follow up on things they have started.
– I have taken a dive into the organizational culture at the university and come out with a backpack full of knowledge after my year as Vice President. As President, I would like to get a heavier backpack so that I can dive deeper. The student environment is blooming and I would like carry on in order to accommodate the students so they can continue to develop what has been started, Rønne said in his election speech.
– The real reason I’m running for President is that I would like continue playing and singing in the StOr-band, he added at the end, to great joy among the parliament members.
Rønne received more votes during the election than Trine Oftedal, who also ran as a candidate for presidency. She got the position as responsible of faculty instead.
– Now I will get even more experience and knowledge, so that I can be stronger for the election next year. If you thought you got rid of me, you have to think twice, Oftedal said, to laughter from the parliament.

I have taken a dive into the organizational culture at the university and come out with a backpack full of knowledge after my year as Vice President. – Morten Rønne, newly elected StOr President.

Opinion of students
The new Vice President in StOr is Lasse Heggedal. He studies history and he is 22 years old and from Akershus. He has been active in StOr at the faculty of Humanistics and has a background from a student council, municipal council and festival work. Heggedal takes over the position as Vice President after Morten Rønne.
– I have worked on Cosa Nostra (restructuring of StOr, journalistic remark) and I know what the students need. The feedback and the organization have not worked at its best before, but it will be much better after the restructure. The students will have better options of getting their opinions through. This is something I know how to do, and I would like to carry on. The work is not done yet, it has just started, Heggedal said in his speech right before the election.
He won the election against Pål Karstensen. Tina Nyhus was originally nominated to the position as Vice President, but she resigned a week before the election.

Two new positions
The rest of the student board was also elected at the meeting. The position as responsible of student welfare is removed, and has been re-established as two positions: Juridicial responsible and responsible of faculty. The retiring StOr-President, Daniel Haug Nystad, takes over the position as responsible of profession and learning environment.
– I really care for the students and that they should have a good learning environment. I have a lot of knowledge after a year as President in StOr, and I do not need a training period, Haug Nystad added, in his election speech.
The members of the Student Parliament agreed. Mads Rosnes has been the leader of StOr at the faculty of Social Science for one year and he was elected as juridicial responsible.

Student representatives carry on
Mari Sørlie Pettersen is international responsible after she promised to improve the friendship and the environment between Norwegian and international students.
– I will make sure that the professors that teach in English teach in proper English. I am not pleased with the fact that Norwegians and international students have separate friends and I promise to do something about it, Sørlie Pettersen said.
Trine Oftedal was elected as responsible of faculty. The two student representatives in the UiS-board, Kathe-Mari Solberg Hansen and Gunnar Dyrseth, continue for another year in the same position. They were unanimously elected by the whole parliament.

The Student Organization (StOr)

• All students at the University of Stavanger are members of this special interest organization.
• Party-political independent.
• Their task is to attend to your rights as a student at UiS.
• If you have a problem at the university, StOr will help you solve the problem to find out what rights you have.
• Works to improve the social offers and financial aid schemes, and to ensure that all students know what opportunities they have.
• They have a vision that all students should have an equal right to education, regardless of economy and cultural background.


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