Fitness: Lose weight by strength training

The holiday season is over and the majority of us have had enough sunshine, and equally enough share of an extra kilo or two, so how do you lose weight successfully in this case. 

The think tank: Little we know

Few days ago, I dowloaded an App called Tricky Questions, in which you have to answer correctly up to 100 puzzles that require that you think out of box, sometimes logically, and quite often, unconventionally.

Quotidian serendipity: Cheerio, 2016

To me, 2016 has been one of those years in which stupidity reaches its highest records, and nonsense is so popular that it is the new common sense.

Fitness: Why getting fat is no longer a bad luck

The festive season is here and it's a wonderful time to have family meals and attend Christmas gourmet dinners with a lot of senseless feasting, all in the name of saying that «I will lose weight or stay in shape in January».

Fitness: A lot of fitness experts probably know less than what you do!!

Having moved from a country where fitness professionals are subjected to vigorous vetting and screenings, and must pay insurance every year to where nothing is controlled, I have learnt a lot. I have learned how the practice is not controlled, and that there is a lot of wannabe's who walk around with huge egos and less concern about the clients in general.

Fitness: Training Varieties and Comfort Zone

We are in an age where science fiction has become a reality. People are working offshore in the middle of the swelling deep oceans, and I recently heard a successful human head transplant has been done now in Russia. But we can't lose weight, keep fit and lead a healthy life. Why?

Solidary Concert for Nepal in Stavanger

Saturday 29th of October 2016, a concert will be celebrated in Stavangeren. Among other artists, Mari Boine, Bohem, Samsaya, Bob Hansson, Vidar Schanche and Eva Bjerga Haugen will participate. But this is not any other concert, nor any other Saturday night. This is an event that will have an impact in the lives of real people who have lost pretty much everything.

Meet the student: Nigeria meets Norway

I met Samuel Ope Olabode at the student houses at Ugleveien, where he lives. He’s in his second year of his master in biochemistry. He likes the learning system in Norway, and all the hiking opportunities.

Fitness: Real food or food supplements?

Proper Nutrition plays an important role in enhancing fitness and health. As a science, the central focus of nutrition is the study of food requirements for the production of energy, and regulation of bodily processes. “You are what you eat” is a saying that captures the critical contribution of nutrition to our health and wellbeing.