Meet the student: Iran meets Norway 

The Iranian student Shiva has been in Norway for six years, and has no plans of moving away.  

– I don’t miss anything, except my family, Shiva Etehadieh explains. Iran’s strict government makes her choice of staying in Norway a lot easier.  

– In Iran we don’t have the same freedom. We both have to obey the government and follow Islamic rules. People are not free to have their own opinions, she continues.  

– It would be difficult for me to change and go back now.  


Petroleum engineering in Norway 

Shiva grew up in the second biggest city in Iran, Mashhad, which is quite popular among tourists.  

– We have a lot of visitors from other Islamic countries, because of the fact that it’s a symbolic Islamic city.  

After a bachelor in mathematics, she moved to Norway to start a bachelor in Petroleum engineering. Now she’s moved onto her master.  

– I wanted to study petroleum and Norway is quite popular regarding that study, so I decided to move here.  

– The situation here is a lot better, and now I don’t want to go anywhere else. Except when I visit my family once a year, she adds.  


Huge price difference 

Shiva is certain of one thing regarding moving to a new country and starting over; it’s very challenging.  

– The prices here are awful compared to Iran, and I was struggling three years to get a loan from “Lånekassen”. You need 180 study points to get the same study loan that Norwegian students receive immediately when they start studying.  


Although she’s mostly happy about the University of Stavanger and all its facilities, there is one thing she can’t help to complain about.  

– They always place some new furniture or something in the library to make it more social, but for us who would like to actually study, we have to wait for an available seat.  

Shiva is tired of waiting an hour for a spot in the quiet zone in the library. 

– It needs bigger quiet zones, and more desks and room for studying.  


Facts about Iran:  

Capital: Tehran 

Population: 80,829,192 

Government: Islamic Republic 

Official religion: Islam(Shia) 

Language: Persian  

Currency: Rial 



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